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Re: new email server

Gary Stainburn wrote:
Hi folks

I'm looking at replacing my aging RH7.3+Exim 3 + Sophos + home-grown scripts with a FC3+Exim 4+ Sophos + whatever.

I'm looking at virus and SPAM filtering. Can anyone suggest good configs and options.


Do you need to change what you are currently doing? Exim 4 would be the natural progression. Exiscan is now built into Exim as of 4.5, so there's no need to patch to get virus and spam scanning during data phase.

I use Exim with Sophos sweep, which works within the limitations of Sophos. I think you can integrate Exim with any virus scanner which provides success/failure via exit status, certainly there are many people using Clamav with Exim judging by the messages on the Exim mail list. Exim 4 also integrates fully with SpamAssassin so you can check for spam during the data phase and reject it properly.

You will have some work to do to upgrade your configuration from Exim 3 to Exim 4, but it will be worth it in the long run, Exim 4 has many enhancements to Exim 3. I expect there are plenty of people on the Exim mailing list who will help you with this.

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