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Re: DHCP and resolving names on the internal network

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A. Lanza wrote:

| Hi list,
| I'm in charge of managing a network with a half of a hundred
| Windows workstations. I have one machine running Fedora linux as a
| network firewall and proxy server (squid), all workstations going
| out to the Internet through it. I also have another server (ISC
| dhcpd) on my network asigning unique IP addresses to workstations
| when they boot up.
| When squid logs, it cannot determine the names of the computers
| accesing the Internet, because it has no way to resolve their names
| from their IP addresses. I guess i have to run a DNS server (bind
| that comes with Fedora) in my local network and tell squid to use
| that server to resolve the names.
| Now, when a workstation gets an IP address, DNS server will have to
|  update the record for that IP address based on the name of that
| workstation, which could be different from the former one.
| I guess i know what i want, but don't know *how* to do it. Any help
|  would be highly appreciated.
| TIA,
| Alf
well, there are different ways, for one, dhcpd.conf supports setting
of machine names...

lease {
~        starts 6 2001/03/03 18:48:37;
~        ends 0 2001/03/04 00:48:37;
~        hardware ethernet 00:60:08:51:17:a2;
~        uid 01:00:60:08:51:17:a2;
~        client-hostname "STOCKIMAGE";

next would be setting the name of the machine in /etc/hosts on the
squid machine...

theres also dns as you mentoined, just have a readup on isc bind or
some other dns server for linux.

theres like hundreds of documentations out there, just google it right

i hope i gave you some ideas.

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff
Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (MingW32)


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