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Re: backup of System State

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Ankush Grover wrote:

|> Hi Ankush
|> well, i dont exactly understand what youre trying to do, you want
|> to backup your current system as an image?, you want to backup
|> all your configs? you want system statistics? what exactly are
|> you trying to do?
| Hey,
| I want to backup NIS database/maps ,dns ,dhcp configurations,Ldap
| etc.
| I wanted to know how to backup even though many services are not
| running in my office.But knowing them how to backup them is vital.
| For postfix,squid and for some other services one has to just
| backup their config files and restore them in case of need .
| But what about Ldap configurations,NIS maps how to back them up.
| Thanks & Regards
| Ankush Grover

Dear Ankush

simplest way would be using crontab to copy whatever you want to
whichever place you want....

you can use some common commands like scp, rsync, cp, tar, cpio, gzip,
bzip2, ftp....

or just use a full fledged solution like amanda, bru, bruserver, ....

you might also write your own scripts or programs, that do the job...

to find out where your files are, simply look up your guides that
helped you configuring them...

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff
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