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Re: create a restricted user

On 2/5/05, Zacharie Elcor <zelcor gmail com> wrote:
> I want to create a restricted user without password that can only use
> a web browser.
> I added a user named "visitor" and created in his home dir a file
> .xsession that contains:
> firefox
> so that when he logs in, firefox is launched, and when he closes
> firefox, he is logged out.
> This works fine but he is still able to ctrl+alt+F(1-6) and log in to
> browse the file system.
> To prevent that, I tried to set /bin/false as the default shell for
> that user in /etc/passwd but this also prevented him to log in
> graphically.
> Is there a way to be sure that "visitor" will only be able to browse
> the web and not the file system ? any security issues ?
> Thanks for help

What you need is OpenKiosk, an extension to Mozilla that we developed
at Brooklyn Museum, with contracted help from MozDevGroup. Check it
out at:


Note that there is an official Mozilla extension for this in the
regular place, but it's hard to get Mozilla to update those pages and
so the version there is probably out of date.

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