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Re: Need advice on new mailserver and spam

I would encourage you to block all email not sent to a specified user. I
run and host a lot of web sites, if I used a default catch call for
unlabed email, I'd have too much unwanted email. Tighten it down first,
then make sure your spam program is allowing the incoming of official
good email. Also, either scan incoming emails for viruses, or run the
emails through an anti-virus checker before passing along to recipient.

Just some suggestions, hope it helps you formulate a better solution to
your systems analysis program.


> My question is - long term - is it better to set up the mailserver to
> reject all non-mailbox emails to cut down on the incoming processing
> load; or to filter and bit-bucket the spam in the hopes that the
> volume will decrease over time with no responses to the spam? Or any
> other techniques any of you are using for such problems?
> Thanks in advance for opinions/suggestions,
> bob

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