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Re: Multi Track Recording on fedora 4;

mirco scaramucci wrote:
Thanks for reply.
On fedora 4 unfortunately Timidity hasn't got a gui and defintely more complicated.
It does convert midi to wave but in real time and doens't allow saving a midi file as wave.

Thanks anyway.


When it comes to converting files, I don't look at GUI tools. I will convert the files as required using the CL. My choice as it takes allot less time than opening a GUI to convert one or a batch of files. I use CL for almost everything as it is faster than any GUI.

timidity does do an output to filename with the -o option.

The question was convert files and timidity does that.

Open a terminal window, cd to the directory you want to convert and type in the command. If it is one or a bunch of files you are in business.

If you search on Google, you may find a GUI front end or another program.

Robin Laing

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