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Re: Squirrelmail and HTTP

dan wrote:

Steve de Carteret wrote:

I am attemtping to use Squirrelmail on a Sendmail Server behind a company firewall. The firewall forwards HTTP requests to a Windows IIS box. I can re-set the HTTP to listen on an alternate port just fine, and forward that port through the firewall, but when I do, the Squirrelmail doesn't want to play. Anyone have an idea how to reset the Squirrelmain config? Or am I missing something else?


Steve -

Squirrelmail could care less what port the web server is listening on. Are you running SM on this IIS server, or on another?

I also suspect that the whole port-forwarding mechanism is broken, or you've set something wrong. Look into that.


SM is running on FC2. It works fine internally on my network with default ports configured. When I redirect http to another port, the http default page responds, but SM gives a "Cannot connect" error message. This is the case for both internal connections as well as through the firewall.


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