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OT - Netgear print servers


I saw your name on a thread on another list, talking about the Netgear PS101 
print server, and how it won't work unless the firewall is switched off.

The one I have at work is now working with FC3, without any adjustments to the 

I found the trick posted by some hero on another mailing list or customer 
feedback on somewhere such as Amazon, I can't remember exactly where.

What you have to do is fire up windows, unfortunately, then get the required 
firmware update from the Netgear web site, in my case version 6029, and 
unpack the .bin file. Next, get version 6101 (For Appletalk Users Only) and 
extract the .exe file.

Run the .exe file, which is the installer for a little flash update program. 
Use the update program to flash the print server with the version 6029 .bin 

Use the Netgear utilities to configure the print server, then reboot FC3, and 
add the new printer queue. I configured it as Networked UNIX (LPD). Now it 

Hope this helps somebody.

Dave Fletcher

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