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Re: Speakers - slightly off topic

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Neal Rhodes wrote:

Slightly off topic.  Ok, you've got several computers at your desk.

One primary Linux desktop, one not-linux notebook, maybe one more.
And a CD player/radio.   Maybe an MP3 or Minidisk player.
Notebook has crappy speakers, but that's the one used for listening to
internet radio, etc.

Now, you could have 4 sets of powered speakers plus the CD player. Or
you could find something to mix the 3 outputs together and run it to
a single set of speakers.   Or even use the AUX input on the CD player.

But what could one use to do that?  Only thing I've come up with is

and I'm not sure if that would work well with headset/speaker out
level on multiple sound cards.   It's just a set of jacks with 10K
pots in them, so if each pot is cranked all the way up, there's
basically no impedance between each sound card/device output.

I use one of these:


it's relativly cheap, ($75 list) quiet and makes adding and removing audio sources easy... I do have have 1/4 to rca adapters in most the the inputs.


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