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Re: how can you verify that the site you get is not a fake?

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Andy Pieters wrote:

|>Here's an idea... you expect the site to challenge YOU for your password
|>before giving you access, right?  Well keep that, but register a second
|>password with the site when you join it, and the site has to show it to
|>you over https before you will believe it is the site that you
|>originally joined ;-)

| Say... this system isn't pattented is it?  I am thinking of
incorporating it
| in my products.

Not to my knowledge... and it's public domain now ;-)  Further thought:
you can stick the word or picture ((c) Matthew Miller) on the login page
so it doesn't get in the way at all.  The word/picture HTML needs to
come with a script to "break out of frames" or somehow violently object
to the user if it is in an IFRAME, and ideally check the referrer URL.

- -Andy
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