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Re: tcp/routing question...

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bruce wrote:
| which is what i've been driving at...
| which i'm also believing is a reasonably good sized market... particularly
| if you can get homeland security to buy into the fact that terrorists are
| making $$$ with phishing/pharming scams!!
| you see matt, i've never looked at this as a purely tech issue with the
| underlying protocols... but you need some way for the avg user to
really be
| able to tell.. that the site he's on, is the one he should be on.. in a
| similar vein.. you need to be able to do the same thing from the
server side
| as well...

This reminds me of a Phil Dick short story.  Aliens have been attacking
and eating people on Earth spaceships!  They seem to operate some kind
of mind control once you get close enough to an alien ship, the Earth
folk on the ship just drive right up to the Aliens and pour tomato
ketchup over themselves.

The technical guys back on Earth create an Alien Mind Control detector
and send a guy out on a ship to find some aliens to test it.  Sure
enough he's zooming around and Bruurp!  Bruurp!  Bruuup!!!  the Alien
Mind Control detector starts flashing away and filling the ship with its
hooting.  However our hero is under... yes... Alien Mind Control and as
far as he can tell the detector is reporting he is safe as he drives
right up to the Aliens holding a bowl of salad.

- -Andy
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