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Re: opteron dual core

Am Di, den 07.06.2005 schrieb Jack Howarth um 23:50:

>     I am in the process of building a new Linux workstation using the
> Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885) motherboard and a single dual core Model 270
> Opteron. While I know that this motherboard will support the dual
> core Opteron, I am confused about the possibility of adding a second
> Model 270. Although Tyan claims adding a second dual core Model 270
> will work, I am concerned about the 2-way description of the 2xx series
> processors. Does this refer to the 2 physical chips or what? My gut
> instinct is that this notation implies that only a single dual core
> is usable on the motherboard and that a 4-way (8xx series) processor
> would be needed to use both sockets on the motherboard. Thanks in
> advance for any clarifications.
>                     Jack

2-way means you can up to 2 Opterons in parallel. 4-way up to 4, ... 1
dual core Opteron is 1 object / entity as up to now it was when just
single core Opterons were available. With other words: if the
motherboard is a dual board and it supports the dual core Opterons you
can have 2 dual core CPUs in it.

Btw. from magazine reading it shall be a fast runner ;)


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