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Re: how can you verify that the site you get is not a fake?

On 6/7/05, jludwig <wralphie comcast net> wrote:
> On Monday 06 June 2005 10:33 am, taharka wrote:
> > bruce wrote:
> > >hi..
> > >
> > >if i go to a site, how can i verify that the site that's displayed is
> > > really the 'correct' site. is there a way to actually 'get' the ip
> > > address, and then to determine if that ip address actually matches up to
> > > the 'owner' of the site i'm looking at....
> > >
> > >any thoughts/ideas/etc...
> > >
> > >thanks
> > >
> > >bruce
> > >bedouglas earthlink net
> >
> > If using Firefox/IE, install the netcrafttoolbar from, www.netcraft.com.
> >
> > Have a nice day.
> >
> > taharka
> >
> > Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.
> If you know the ip address of the site, the checking it with
> http://ws.arin.net/ (  will tell you who owns the address or
> where to look.
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How about this -- when you get an e-mail supposedly from PayPal or
eBay, you shouldn't use the built-in links, just go to
http://www.ebay.com *MANUALLY* and sign in.  Once you get there, if
there really was a problem with your account, they would go from

eBay has no right to shut down your account when they didn't warn you
through a reliable method -- and no, e-mail IS NOT reliable.

If you enter the URL yourself, you shouldn't be worried.  Unless
there's been a MAJOR DNS hack, you'll end up at the right place.

PHP rocks!
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