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Re: Fedora 4 test 3

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 05:00, jerryw4386 netscape net wrote:
> I know this is the wrong list but has any one watching this list group
> installed FC4 test 3 on a Dell Dimension 8400 with out to many problems?
> It has a p4 630 3000 mhz ht cpu and 160gb sata drive. any help at all.
> Thanks

Yup, installed fine here.  Dell Dimension 8400 @ 4.3Ghz w 1Gb RAM, Broadcom 
BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, ATI Radeon x300 dual headed.  Sound 
Blaster works too.  Even got the Dell A920 to print.

Just a thing... I believe the SATA controller needs to be put in a different 
mode for it to be detected.  I forgot which one because I changed that 6 
monts ago but try 

8400 sata linux on google and you'll be served.

Kind regards


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