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Re: question on timing results

--- Remco Poelstra <remco beryllium net> wrote:

> Globe Trotter wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > This is strictly not an FC question, but I would like to time two (mine and
> the
> > naive) competing algorithms. My question is how do I do it accounting for
> > utilization. Unless I misunderstood the documentation, clock() provides the
> > processor time and so the difference between clock() at the beginning of
> the
> > call to an algorithm and the end would provide me with the CPU time
> elapsed.
> > However, if for some reason the processor was running at 75% or whatever,
> my
> > reported time would be affected, and hence there would not really be a fair
> > comparison. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions as to how I may settle
> this
> > issue?
> The bash commando 'time' gives real, user and system time of a command. 
> see 'man time' for more information.
> Perhaps that could be usefull.

Thanks, however the issue is that it gives results on the entire program, not
the algorithm part. Matthew Miller indicates that clock() approximately does
what I want, so I will just use that.

Many thanks and best wishes!

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