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Re: [Almost] Newbie upgrading KDE

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 09:43 am, Sweeney, Stephen wrote:
> Hullo,
> I'm just download Fedora 3 (yes, I know I FC4 is out on Monday!) and I
> was just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of further advice on
> updating KDE.
> Most tutorials and stuff say to use RPMs, YUM, etc... But the one thing
> none mention is the where and how.
> What I mean by that is, should I quit KDE and X and then run YUM to
> update KDE through a simple terminal process..? I'm sure you know what
> I'm getting at. I'm also sure it's a very silly idea to update KDE from
> without KDE!
Download the RPMs then, as root, run "rpm -Uvh *.rpm" and then afterwards, you 
log out of your graphical session, switch to run-level3 (go to a console 
window, log in as "root" and type "init 3" to shut down X and then you can 
either log out of the root session and log back in as your user or type "init 
5" to go back to a graphical session.

Or, you could download the RPM files, log into a text session, run the "rpm 
-UVH *.rpm" command and then reboot.

Or, download and install the RPM files using the above mentioned commands, 
then go back to your GUI session and hit CTRL+ALT+Backspace all at the same 
time and that'll force X to restart.

Of course, this presupposes that you have all the files that KDE will require 
to be updated as well (QT, and who knows how many other files will need to be 
updated.)  All in all, it'll be easier to point YUM at one of the KDE-RedHat 
repositories and run "Yum Update" as Yum would get the updates along with any 

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