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Re: LaCie firewire disc not detected (until I reboot)

On Wednesday 08 June 2005 21:37, Per Thomas Jahr wrote:
> I've just bought a LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme firewire disc. The
> problem is that FC3 can't detect the new hardware when I do a cold
> start. But when I reboot, the disc it is detected and auto mounted. If I
> do poweroff and then start the machine again, kudzu tells me that the
> disc has been removed again. It's consistent behavior - I always have to
> reboot to detect the disc. Really strange...
Smells more like a bios problem to me.

One of our stations is a Dell Dimension 8400 that comes with SATA drives.
We installed some additional IDE drives and when we start the station (cold 
boot it), the bios does not see the drives because they are a few seconds 
slower to wake up.  

The solution in our case was to set the bios that it does an extended post 
check.  That gives the disks 10 or so seconds more to power up.  

After that, everything's a ok.



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