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Re: NIS or Samba Question

Am Mi, den 08.06.2005 schrieb Jay Scherrer um 20:56:

> I have set up a samba server using Fedora Core 3.
> This will serve mainly windows machines. I am successful in serving
> files to the win 98's and win 95's at user level, however I am not able
> to connect or set up a domain or log-on with the winNT 2000's. The win
> 2000's see the work groups but don't recognize the domain controller,
> and reports a DNS error.

If you get errors please be most specific as you can. So don't
paraphrase it but cite it. Often it helps to enter the error term to a
google search to find helpful hits.

> Do I have to set up DNS also? I have most of the Lan listed in
> the /etc/hosts file.

It can be helpful to activate WINS in the Samba setup. Netbios should
work: a look at /var/log/samba/nmbd.log can be helpful locating

> What parameters should be set on these win2000's and were can I find
> more detailed info regarding the window configuration?


> One other thing; I did leave the section: domain master = no
> because I figured the win2000's are serving shares to other windows
> boxes. 

You should decide which of your SMB serving hosts should be the main
browse list master. Important settings are too "local master" and "os
level". Conflict between Samba and a Windows® host can raise up

> Jay Scherrer 


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