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Re: DHCP and resolving names on the internal network

On 6/6/05, A. Lanza <alf lanza-ti com> wrote:
> When squid logs, it cannot determine the names of the computers accesing
> the Internet, because it has no way to resolve their names from their IP
> addresses. I guess i have to run a DNS server (bind that comes with
> Fedora) in my local network and tell squid to use that server to resolve
> the names.
> Now, when a workstation gets an IP address, DNS server will have to
> update the record for that IP address based on the name of that
> workstation, which could be different from the former one.
> I guess i know what i want, but don't know *how* to do it. Any help
> would be highly appreciated.

i'm not so sure if this is what you want, but in any case i'll try my luck.

on our network, i'm using DHCP to assign IP addresses to workstations.
to make sure that they get a "static" IP address, i assign IP
addresses based on their MAC address (man dhcpd.conf).

on my DNS server, i explicity put entries for each IP on the
configuration file. for example, is named
"workstation-101.localdomain." i do that for each IP address within
the DHCP subnet range.

so what i have on our network is that each workstation has a "static"
IP given by DHCP and its own hostname assigned by DNS. the advantage
of this is that you can control everything from one server only.

of course, one of the hard things to do on this setup is that you
would need to get the MAC address of each NIC on your network (but
then that would be an additional security measure, since
"unauthorized" MAC addresses won't get network access.

hope this helps.

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