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Re: OT - Minicom Send files/Upload option problem

Gavin Henry wrote:

<quote who="Andy Green">

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Mark Sargent wrote:
| Hi All,
| when giving this cmd on a switch, Catalyst 2900 series XL,
| switch: copy xmodem: flash:image_filename.bin
| Begin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K transfer now...
| I then press ctrl-a z followed by s which gives me the Upload options,
| but, when I try to arrow down to xmodem, the option window disappears
| and I'm back in minicom's main window. Anyone ever experienced this
| b4..? Cheers.

Minicom is a wormhole back into the 1970s, not a program.

Minicom is a fantastic program.

What version are you running?

Version 2.00.0-19 on FC3 on our systems.

Welcome to minicom 2.00.0

OPTIONS: History Buffer, F-key Macros, Search History Buffer, I18n
Compiled on Jun 15 2004, 20:45:27.

Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

We have no problems with any of the options in the Upload section and
regularly upload/download images to all kinds of routers/switches etc.

I also find that if I have output in the window, I can't select anything after ctrl-a z o in configuration..this option window closes also, like above...if nothing in the window, it's fine..



Mark Sargent.

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