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firewall, spam and virus control in one box


I am working at a school, running fc3/fc2 servers. We are offering e-mail to our students - squirrelmail. We would now like to reduce costs when it comes to firewalls, spam and virus control.

Is it possible to put all these applications in a fedora box, and make this a sort of a "securebox" that is filtering all in- and outgoing traffic?

I have looked at spamassasin and clamav, but I am not sure if these are the best choises. And I have not found anything on how to make them work together. When it comes to fierwalling - is it possible to use the one that is pre-built into the fedora release?

I understand this is a huge topic, but maybe someone knows of a good HOWTO or a book.

Than you for all help!


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