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setting up a wiki - looking for suggestions!


looking for suggestions on the 'best' wiki for an app. i want to be able to:
 -register/login users
 -admin the site
 -multiple admins
 -various roles/access privs for users
 -enable groups
 -create/modify categories
 -allow users to modify text
 -allow users to make postings private/group/public
 -allow external resources to monitor a given group/posting/etc..
 -generate reports on wiki functionality/activity for distribution
 -track ads/generate stats for ads
 -manage an ad campaign within the wiki
 -allow for docs/files to be uploaded/downloaded/maintained
 -potentially tie into a file repository (subversion/etc..)
 -email users of new content/new users/new groups
 -allow users to invite new users to a given group
 -allow users to create/admin the given groups
 -allow users to group chat (online) with each other
 -allow users to schedule via calender, and to grant
  permissions to others to view their calender
 -allow users to edit/change/modify docs that they have
  rights/access privs to
 -member section, allows users to see/search through members
  database, based on various criteria...
  -allows users to post resumes...
 -runs on apache/linux/perl/php/mysql/postgres
 -relatively straight-forward to run, doesn't require the ph.d

any ideas/thoughts/etc...


bedouglas earthlink net

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