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Re: setting up a wiki - looking for suggestions!

wordpress.org.  WP is my favorite web app these days.   It beats a lot of other things out there which are a lot worse for one reason or another.  Check out my site forensiclug.com.  It is mighty easy to admin, does most of the things you say.  If you don't mind the blog style you are in business.   Even if it bothers you you can still turn off some of the blogging features and run it as a 'regular' site.  (Mambo was another runner-up but in my opinion it is way too complex and has too many features, it gets overwhelming after a while if you don't have 8+ hours to study the thing and how to do lots of obscure features. )


On 6/9/05, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:

looking for suggestions on the 'best' wiki for an app. i want to be able to:
-register/login users
-admin the site
-multiple admins
-various roles/access privs for users
-enable groups
-create/modify categories
-allow users to modify text
-allow users to make postings private/group/public
-allow external resources to monitor a given group/posting/etc..
-generate reports on wiki functionality/activity for distribution
-track ads/generate stats for ads
-manage an ad campaign within the wiki
-allow for docs/files to be uploaded/downloaded/maintained
-potentially tie into a file repository (subversion/etc..)
-email users of new content/new users/new groups
-allow users to invite new users to a given group
-allow users to create/admin the given groups
-allow users to group chat (online) with each other
-allow users to schedule via calender, and to grant
  permissions to others to view their calender
-allow users to edit/change/modify docs that they have
  rights/access privs to
-member section, allows users to see/search through members
  database, based on various criteria...
  -allows users to post resumes...
-runs on apache/linux/perl/php/mysql/postgres
-relatively straight-forward to run, doesn't require the ph.d

any ideas/thoughts/etc...


bedouglas earthlink net

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