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i810 / i915 DRI problems on suspending / resuming (3D doesn't survive a resume)

I've got a JVC/Asus MP-XV841 laptop which mostly works great with Fedora
Core 3 except for suspending/resuming.  Using the kernel boot parameter
"acpi_sleep=s3_bios" lets the notebook suspend and resume, but DRI doesn't
survive properly and if any 3D application is run after a resume I get

* An X server hang that requires shutting down the machine (the machine is
still running and responds to acpi events, so I can shut down the
machine).  This happens with armagetron or celestia.

* The application draws its first frame, freezes a few seconds, then
crashes without taking the X server with it.  (the GL screensavers,
glxgears do this).  When this happens, I get an error message in the
console after the app crashes:

$ glxgears
intelWaitIrq: drmI830IrqWait: -16

This also puts a single line into the system logs.  dmesg gives:

[drm:i915_wait_irq] *ERROR* i915_wait_irq: EBUSY -- rec: 0 emitted: 7

If I kill the X server and restart it, 3D works fine again, but what good
is suspending if you have to restart all your apps?

This hack:
http://www.mail-archive.com/dri-devel lists sourceforge net/msg21138.html

... keeps the machine from crashing with armagetron/celestia and lets GL
applications run without killing and restarting , but they all run at
about 1/3 the speed they ran before suepending/resuming. 
This is better than nothing, but it's not optimal when I
need to show some 3D molecular models to my students in class and DRI
doesn't work.  Unfortunately, trying to install the CVS drm modules as
suggested later in the thread only makes the problem worse (kernel panic
on suspend).

My laptop has 82852/855GM graphics, and uses the i915 module fot
DRM (that seems to be where the trouble is - I *think*).

Does anyone else with Intel video experience these suspend/resume
problems?  I wanted to try and get as much info as possible on this before
submitting it to bugzilla ...

(Also, does 3D and suspend/resume actually WORK for anyone with a similar
graphics chipset?  I hear that Ubuntu's patched the kernel so the DRM
modules wake up properly, but I'd hate to have to learn Ubuntu and drop
Fedora just for this one issue...)

*  Charles Taylor <tomalek mindspring com>
*  Chemistry instructor / Mad scientist / Linux enthusiast!
*  Web: http://home.mindspring.com/~charletiv/

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