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Re: FC4 torrent

James Kosin wrote:

I would have voted against also...  What happens is everyone makes a
MAD rush to get the latest version and ends up complaining about the
issue over and over again.
If it counts, it is only (and should only) be available 2-3 days
before for all the mirrors (legit ones) to sync up with the few
servers @ fedora to get the information.  When the official day comes,
everyone can get the information from all the servers and mirrors
without too much trouble.
This is how it was suppose to work.....

What usually ends up happening is everyone knows this and starts
POUNDING all the servers for the release...  and everyone complains
because they can't get the newest release a single day before the
official release date.

Just my 2 cents,
James Kosin

And I am going to wait a few weeks for all the repos to get the necessary packages out as well so I won't be one of those "pounding" the servers looking for the latests. :)

I wouldn't announce any of the torrents anyways, even if they are populated before.

As I tell my kids, be patient.  You will get it in the end.  :)
Robin Laing

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