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Re: FC4 Repositories

Michael A. Peters wrote:
On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 00:14 -0400, Temlakos wrote:

And I'm asking for that pledge after Synaptic broke and stayed broken and is still broken--and I'm not likely to fix it this side of the FC4 release. And frankly, I don't need to read any more explanations of why any particular package is broken, and why I had to remove a package and then re-install it just to make that throbbing screamer ("explanation point") go away.

There's a package manager called smart - last time I used it it was
pretty rough around the edges, but it solves a LOT of the issues. You
can set priority to a repo - IE top priority to Fedora Updates,
secondary to Extras/Core/Livna, and then the others.

In this way a package from the others will not break a package in
core/extras/livna - even if it has a newer version, the smart package
manager will give preference to the repositories of higher order.

In this way - you could still benefit from the packages that dag etc.
package that are NOT in core/extras/livna - and there are quite a few.

I believe dag makes a build of smart available, I don't know if it will
be in fc4 extras (haven't looked) but I do remember seeing that a
packager was interested in doing it.

Thanks to all who are participating in the discussion on repos.

Obviously I need to investigate smartpm. It sounds like a substitute for apt and yum--and perhaps will be the best way for me to configure the FreshRPMS/dag/dries/at family of repos.

If Extras or Livna does not have smartpm, then I probably will go straight to SourceForge, or smartpm's home page, and get it from them, if I have to use the tarball. /Then/ I will configure FreshRPMs, dag, dries, and at-stable in smart.

I am very, very pleased with yum, BTW--and with yumex, which I have used from time to time to remove old kernels (and one time to remove one package so that another package could install "cleanly"). I've gotten to the point where I configure up2date to check for updates, and then execute "yum -y update" whenever I see the throbbing screamer. It works much, much faster--and more reliably--than up2date ever did.


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