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Re: Booting off of a thumb drive?

dan wrote:

Hello, all -

I've been trying to do some research on booting off of a thumb drive. I plan to finish creating a small distribution based off of Fedora, but I'd like to boot it off of a thumb drive. However, I can't find any solid documentation on how to actually BOOT the system off of the drive.

Anyone have any experience in this area?


I recently was asked if this could be done and then the person asking did some research and said it couldn't.

After your question, I did a google search that referenced booting from a thumb drive. If your bios supports booting from a usb-hdd, then it should be formatable with fdisk.

I don't know how Fedora would react since the USB driver is not included within the default kernel intird image. I found this link for doing this in DOS. I will try this tomorrow. Regarding Fedora, this purpose of booting from thumb drives or USB HDs in general should be enough reason to include USB support within the intird image.

Thanks for the question. I took the cannot be done answer to be reality. Good Luck with your project.

The link that I found.



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