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Re: plain-vanilla ethernet; do brands matter?

On 6/8/05, Michael A. Peters <mpeters mac com> wrote:
> I have yet to run across anything that is 10/100 that is a PCI card 
> that doesn't just work
> is very easy to install yourself - you don't
> need to pay a labor fee to have it installed (where I use to work, 
> as a
> hardware tech, we'd charge $45.00 for that - it took us maybe 5 
> minutes
> to put the card in, then just booting to make sure the card was
> seen/install drivers - not really worth the expense imho)

yeh, the store wanted thirty dollars (canadian) for that, I would've
paid ten but they wouldn't negotiate.

heh, it was easy.  a friend helped with the mechanical part, which was
really easy.  I was hesitant because I've seen people totally
perplexed with floppy drives being backwards (in fact, the guy who
assembled my computer did that, too).  Then the NIC was detected on
boot, I assigned it a dynamic IP address and rebooted with the
internet connetion through the new NIC!

so I now know it works, which is great.  tomorrow I hope to get the
VOIP adapter, plug it in and "see" what happens :)

thanks, all.  the driver turned out to be a non-issue, but it was good
to have the input so that I at least knew it could be an issue.  for
ten dollars canadian I'm (so far) happy.

the only downside, so far, is that we weren't able to align the screw
which holds the NIC in place completely.  the NIC is firmly against
the screw, which is good, but it's not perfectly aligned. oh well. 
also, I had to use a screw from the case, seems like they should've
thrown in a screw.


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