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Re: FC4-Test3 and upcoming official release.

 --- Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote: 
> Am Fr, den 10.06.2005 schrieb nethub gmail com um
> 20:34:
> > Not that I know much about the final release of
> Fedora Core 4 but I have 
> > used yum to upgrade many many Red Hat-based
> systems without issues.  You 
> > really should have no problem unless Red Hat puts
> something in FC4 that 
> > prevents yum from upgrading properly.
> Ever checked for duplicated packages after the
> upgrade? Did a yum
> upgrade from a clean but used FC2 system to FC3 and
> had lots of them.
> Other things may occur too which are much better to
> be handled by
> anaconda.
> Alexander
> P.S.

This has been covered many times in the fedoraforum. 
If you look at
there are similar threads in the "similar threads

The fedoraforum which is the official fedora support
forum has a fantastic search feature.

Fedora Core - The power of Open Source Now! Please search the archives 
and fedoraforum.org as the question is likely to have been asked before.

Captain Bubudiu

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