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Re: Upgrade from RH9 to FC3 or FC4

 --- Botond Kardos <Botond Kardos essnet se> wrote: 
>     Hi,
>     I have an old machine running as a firewall.
> It's basically an RH9
> installation with some custom-made packages (kernel,
> openssh, few
> others). If I revert my system to standard RH9 is it
> possible to upgrade
> it to FC3 or FC4? Is this upgrade possible without a
> CD (for example
> boot-floppy + NFS or FTP server)?
>     My main reason for the intention to upgrade is
> the fear of rootkits.
> AFAIK FC3 and its targeted SELinux policy gives the
> feeling of safety
> regarding rootkits and other privilege escalation
> vulnerabilities.
>     Thanks,
>     Botond

1. It is possible to upgrade directly from RH9 to FC3 
(not tried FC4  which will introduce further
complications) which i do when i need a testing
machine on Virtual PC. FC3's default kernel does not
work on Virtual PC.
Complications :- SELINUX,udev/dev, kernel less than
2.6, python, rpm and  db4. I "cheat" by using yum from
FC3 and a tarball with all base/updates from my  local
network. Naturally you have to install some things
manually with the rpm -ivh rather than -Uvh and the
process is fraught with danger.

Do i recommend  this in your scenario? NO!! Not for a
production machine.

2. Strip RH9 to minimum(add libxml2 from RH9), grab
FC2 fedora release and yum and then upgrade to Fedora
Core 2 with less problems. You can then upgrade later
to FC3/FC4 with fewer problems.

3. I would recommend you get a GRsecurity kernel and
sit tight on RH9. FedoraLegacy has updates for RH9 by
the way so make it a habit to update from them.  A
firewall machine with no LAMP (Apache MySQL and PHP)
is harder to exploit and grsecurity locks down things

Recently memory injection attacks were successfully
ran on unpatched machines and grsecurity-enabled
machines without patches avoided this:-  


Fedora Core - The power of Open Source Now! Please search the archives 
and fedoraforum.org as the question is likely to have been asked before.

Captain Bubudiu

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