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Re: virus mail scanner

Am Sa, den 11.06.2005 schrieb Bernard Lheureux um 20:58:

> On Saturday 11 June 2005 20:31, Marcos-Fedora Brazil wrote:

> > What is a good virus mail scanner to use with sendmail in FC3 ?

> There is no doubt at all, the best is MailScanner 
> (http://www.mailscanner.info) that you can use to check for Viruses AND spams 

I have doubts, with a serious argument. MailScanner can not reject virus
mails (or for other reasons like a high spam value) during the data
period due to it's design. (And bounced after initial acceptance is just
awful.) A milter has definitely hard advantages over this. And
MimeDefang is much more flexible in this regard.


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