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Re: VOIP with a linksys PAP2

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 04:30 +0100, THUFIR HAWAT wrote:
> I'm having trouble with my VOIP providers website, at
> <http://www.telnetphone.ca/> in that it keeps reloading; mozilla would
> appear to be caught in some sort of endless loop.
> the telephone adapter:
> <http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?prid=651&scid=38>
> the VOIP telephone adapter isn't working quite "out of the box," which
> I should've looked into yesterday.  on reboot eth0 gave a "IP
> identification..," if I recall correctly, so the adapter needs a
> driver. will that require a kernel re-compile?  the internet
> connection is via eth1, if that matters.  Do I need to somehow enable
> a connection between the eth0 and eth1?

Something is screwy - VOIP shouldn't require anything linux, it
shouldn't even require that your linux box is turned on.

I'm also using a Linksys product for VOIP (though it's different
What is your setup?

It looks like the device you have needs to plug into a router of some
Is that what you are trying to do through your linux box? You can do
that in Linux - install firestarter from Extras, it has a nice NAT gui
tool. But in all honesty, it is better to buy a broadband router to go
between your internet connection and your lan. Then plug your phone
device into that, and your linux box into that.

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