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Re: FC4 feature list?

Rahul -- should I keep CC'ing the moderated fedora-docs-list?  My last
reply is held up for moderation and I haven't received approval or
disapproval yet.  Well, likely this is the last reply anyway.  Thank you
for your participation on fedora-list in this matter.

As before, comments interspersed below.

At 3:27 PM +0530 6/12/05, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

  [Tony Nelson wrote:]
>>Well, I just mention it as something unclear from both FC3 and FC4 release
>>notes.  It seems odd that mediacheck would need something to read the disk
>>successfully, and yet the real install surely doesn't.
>For my understanding this has to do with faulty cd-rom drives which
>refuse to turn off dma even when explicitly instructed to do so by the

Well, you probably get my point.  I hope somebody who knows will chime in
and put this to rest.

>>Well, the release notes would be a good place to put a (full) link to that
>>sort of thing.  Especially with the bug or whatever in mediacheck, there
>>might be lots of people facing this roadblock when installing on a Windows
>>machine, as I did, and I had enough trouble figuring out how to do the more
>>mature MD5 checksum stuff.
>We could have this in the download page itself now. I googled this
>information after the release notes was made.

Well, good.  Now add it!  (I'm not trying to make you feel bad through
criticism; I'm trying to clear up things that would (have) made the
installation hard for me to do, in hopes of helping others.)

>>>After the installation. Run level really doesnt matter.
>>!!  From the tone, I thought Gnome wouldn't work at all.
>It might not.

Wouldn't this leave the user in a confusing state with no UI?  Unless they
went to one of the hidden 6 terminals?

>>>>6.1.4  Is [slocate] used by Actions -> Search for Files?  (Apparantly yes.)
>>>I dont think gnome-search-tool using slocate. It is not a build
>>>dependency. It doesnt seem to be linked to the binary (ldd). Its not
>>>mentioned in the help file either
>>I saw it in the FC3 Search for Files help Introduction section: "Search for
>>Files uses the find, grep, and locate UNIX commands".  Maybe that's not
>>slocate, but man locate brought up the slocate man page.  Don't know about
>I forgot to mention that my current system is RHEL3 one so things might
>be different for the search tool in FC4. Many of these problems could be
>avoided by having more people look into it during the test releases(Yes,
>they had release notes too) . Some of these are just prioritizing for
>lack of time in relation to the amount of work necessary . Filing
>detailed bug reports and initiating early discussions would be most
>helpful. You could even request CVS access and provide content yourself
>for that matter. Thank you for your feedback

You're welcome.  I didn't test FC4 because I only started using Linux about
3 weeks ago, and I'm pretty confused even using a stable release.  That's
why my comments mostly reflect things that a confused user might have
trouble with.  Maybe I'll be up to testing FC5.
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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