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Fedora participation in Summer of Code: Projects Live CD generator

Dear folks,
   There is a summer of code project in which fedora
is a participant. 

in this wiki there is a LiveCD generator project that
will produce a Fedora Live CD.   I know that there are
some Fedora Based LiveCD's already, but my impression
is that the project's idea to create a cd which runs
from CD to check how well it works with the given
hardware and can install faster(instead of using
anaconda ang going to the several install methods.  

As was discussed before in a prior thread about Fedora
Baaed LiveCD's, there are serveral like Berry Linux,
Adios Live CD, and Linux4all(formerly known as
Basilisk, which Thomas Cameron suggested).  I got a
chance to download Basilisk and Thomas was right.  It
has the closest resemblance to a Fedora Core
installation.  You can choose, gnome or kde.  It works
very nicely!  Maybe this could help out Gustavo with
his OpenOffice.org font problems.  

I found out searching through google and fedora home
page that there is a summer of code project.  

Probably, this message is kind of late but we have
until June 14 to submit.  
Fedora is also a participant in this project.  There
are several projects that one can participate in.  I
am very much interested in the LiveCD generator
project, but am still having trouble with the way the
LiveCD is generatoed.  I want to use the linux live
scripts by the creator of SLAX Tomas Matejicek 
and as a requirement we need to have the kernel
patched up with squashfs and unionfs in order for the
scripts to work and generate the LiveCD.   I managed
to crank out a livecd, but it went over 700MB limit. 
It was 891MB and in that computer I did not have a DVD
burner to at least try a liveDVD to check if it ran. 

If someone is currently running squashfs and unionfs
on their fedora systems, any pointers/suggestions are
greatly appreciated.  

Also if you have the time and could participate in the
summer code try to enlist before the deadline.  



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