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Re: What IS reasonable disk drive temperature?

At 10:43 PM +0200 6/12/05, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
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>Am So, den 12.06.2005 schrieb Tony Nelson um 20:46:
>> Yes, thanks, that seems to have been it.  Got the FC3 core pkg.  I'm still
>> configuring, trying to decide where to put the files.  I had to create
>> /etc/modules.conf.  I'm not sure which /etc/rc* file to put stuff in;
>> rc.local seems better than rc or rc.sysinit.  If I should copy
>> /prog/init/lm_sensors.init to /etc/rc.d/init.d/lm_sensors for this stuff to
>> work, where is /prog?  There is already a file /etc/rc.d/init.d/lm_sensors.
>> TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
>You should have been asked to let /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors be created.
>There the required modules are set. You do not need /etc/modules.conf.
>/etc/init.d/lm_sensors is the start script the lm_sensors RPM ships
>with. Do not exchange it.

I accepted the defaults for everything sensors-detect asked (mostly "yes",
none of the defaults seemed stupid to my limited knowledge).  It told me to
do all the things I mentioned, though the directions it printed may have
been wrong.  Its man page was not informative.

I'll try removing /etc/modules.conf.

Was /etc/rc.local the right place to put stuff?

It detected ISA sensors that seem to not be connected, so I have commented
out the ISA lines.

FWIW, here's info copied (by hand) from SpeedFan running on WinXP:

SpeedFan 4.02

DLPORTIO.DLL properly activated
GIVEIO properly initialized (autoinstalled)
Linked ISA BUS at $0290
Linked VIA VT82C686 SMBUS at $E800
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
INFO: ISA seems to be unused
Scanning SMBus at $E800...
WARNING : VIA686 sensors are disabled
Asus AS99127F(31) (ID=$31) found on SMBus at $2D
LM75 found on SMBus at $48
LM75 found on SMBus at $49
Found WDC WD1200JB-75CRA0 (117.2GB)
End of detection

CPU?: 59C
MB?: 42C

VINR0: 0.10V
+3.3V: 3.52V
+5V: 4.97V
+12V: 12.22V
-12V: -12.43V
-5V: -5.06V

VIA VT82C686
SMBus base address $E800  revision 00  [checked] I/O enabled
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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