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Re: VOIP with a linksys PAP2

On 6/12/05, Kevin J. Cummings <cummings kjchome homeip net> wrote:
> Your internet connection is WI-FI????  Is this a Linksys router with
> WI-FI?  Is it configured to route multiple network traffic or just your
> linux machine?  Does it know about the "network" on your Linux machine's
> eth1?

the internet connection is from
into eth0 and a hub is plugged into eth1, then a linksys PAP2
<http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?prid=651&scid=38> into the

I think all I need is the masquerading..?  but, I'd first like to test
the hardware with pings, or something.

> If PAP2 is plugged into a HUB, then you don't need a crossover cable,
> you want a straight through.  Is your HUB a router, a switch, or a
> bridge?  A switch doesn't need configuring, a router may.

according to the box:

wisecom 8 port 10 base-T hub

compliant with 10base-t, 10BASE2 and 10BASE5 specifications of the
IEEE 802.3 standard.

and, it's an ethernet HUB for WorkGroup

I think it's a switch, definitely not a router.

> How is the telephone plugged into a hub?   Ethernet hubs don't (usually)
> have POTS (analog telephone) jacks.  I would think that your telephone
> should be plugged into something which is not a network or ethernet
> router, but some kind of telephony equipment.  (Isn't that what your
> PAP2 is?)

the PAP2 is plugged into the hub. the hub is plugged into eth1.

> > on boot I got a message about lost packets, but it went by too fast.
> > I've installed firestarter.  I need to set up dhcp, perhaps.  how do I
> > ping, or ipconfig the hub?
> Have you checked your log files (/var/log/messages)?  used the "dmesg"
> command to see your boot-up messages?  Just because you didn't read them
> on the screen doesn't necessarily mean they are gone forever!

I'll check /var/log/messages, thanks.

> Does your Linux box have IP forwarding configured?  Is the eth1 metwork
> publicly routable?  If not, have you configured Linux to do NATing?

this I haven't yet done.

> How does your PAP2 get its IP address?  If you don't know, you probably
> need to configure a DHCP server on Linux as well!  Is there anything
> else on the eth1 network (ie, is anything else plugged into your hub)?
> If so, how are they allocated IP addresses?

the hub just has two connections.  one to the computer, one to the
PAP2.  I need to find out how the allocate IP addresses.

> This is all *basic* network configuration....

I know it's basic, but it's not something I know about yet.



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