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Re: FC4 Download / install - Bittorrent vs. Html/FTP download

Tim Holmes wrote:

Hi Folks:

As I look forward to downloading and installing the new FC4 tomorrow, I
guess I need to know what is the best way to go about doing it.  I have
a suspicion that the official mirrors are going to be JAMMED trying to
get the release, so I am wondering if bittorrent might be the way to go,
but I am basically unfamiliar with it, and from my readings about it, I
have some concerns about security.  Specifically, does using bittorrent
open my computer to the possibility of people gaining unauthorized
access to other portions of my computer / other files.

You dont open your computer to anything. The worst that could be done is send a carefully crafted packet and crash the program (which is unlikely , since I never heard about any exploit to any BT client).

Also, Although it is summer and we don't have a lot of users, one way
for me to get in crosswise with the administration, would be for me to
set up something that would suck down our bandwidth badly to the point
where they cannot get to their e-mail / web browsing etc. is there an
EASY way to limit the amount of bandwidth that the bittorrent streams
can use?

Most clients allow you to set the max upload speed. And since the BT protocol has a algorithm that requires sharing to get good speeds, you can limit the upload speed to limit your download speed. Some clients (like azureus) let you configure a max upload and download speed on a per-torrent basis and gives you more control about the torrent than the mainline client.

Pedro Macedo

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