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Re: Advice needed for backups

Michael A. Peters wrote:

I've tested none so I can't recommend one, but I definitely want to
watch this thread.
Amanda seems to be the standard for a long time now, but I believe it
only works with tape drives (is it possible to use a loopback device as
tape drive and then burn the image??)

I use it to backup to HDD. In my configuration , it emulates a set of 300MB tapes that you can burn to disk (the tapes are only a tar.gz file with a text preamble. This preamble even has instructions on how to use dd and tar to recover anything directly from the file , or you can use the amrecover tool to automatically recover what you need.
As for DVD, I dont know if amanda supports it. But then , you can always make a backup to disk using fake 4GB tapes and then after the backup is done , you simply copy it to DVD.

As for it being a standard.. It is an excelent tool . I've worked with it on my last job as sysadmin and it helps a lot. No need to have tape drives and manually searching for a file on all tapes.. Just remmember to backup you tape index files.. Without them , all you can do is manually recover from the tapes, without the help from amrecover.

Pedro Macedo

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