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Re: What IS reasonable disk drive temperature?

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

The CPU temperature comes from sensors out of the lm_sensors package
(Core). You first have to setup sensors by running sensors-detect. Out
of my head (no guarantee), your motherboard should have a sensors chip
which is supported by lm_sensors.
The hard drive temperature can be read by hddtemp (Extras). At least if
your drive has a sensor and provides the data through S.M.A.R.T.


Thanks Alexander for the mention of the program. I have replaced many hard disks from IBM/Hitachi because of a coating on the controller surface.
If the coating caused by high temperature was removed, the previously non-bootable drive (Not even recognized by BIOS) would boot. The drive would fail soon after put back into operation.
This program should be sufficient for the purpose. Is 46 Degrees C hot for a light duty installation? The drives in the environment that they are used are constanlty performing read/write operations and are powered on 24/7
We use Fujitsu now, but for testing, I desired a tool to check the temperature periodically between the two different vendors. With the Fujitsu drives, there were fewer fallouts and the coating problem did not surface. There were a few mechanical failures, but not burned cables or coated circuit boards on the different drive.


Installed: hddtemp.i386 0:0.3-0.4.beta13

hddtemp /dev/hda
/dev/hda: IC25N040ATCS04-0: 46°C

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