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Fedora 4 ?

"JERRY WHITMIRE" <jerryw4386 msn com> wrote:
I do not know if i should post here too.I did a post to the test list too.
but this is what is going on with my sound card.

My sound card worked when i first installed Fedora core but i get the
message when boot to Kde
sound server information message
error while initializing the sound driver
device default cant be opened for play back
[ invalid argument }
the sound server will continue using null output device.
But when i use sound card detection the sound work just fine.
this is a new Dell 8400 i do not know much about it i have only had it for
few days now. this is the first time to have Fedora on it.
Is there something i can do to make it work ?
It is using kernel 2.6.11-1.1381_FC5.
model : corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW/{ICH6.Family] AC 97 Audio
module:snd-intel 8x0
Again is there something i can do to make my sound work are put a bug report on it ?
Thanksa for any help.

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