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Re: Preparing my system for upgrade to FC4

Lai Zit Seng wrote:

Paul Johnson wrote:

I am running FC3 atm, and will upgrade during the week and have a few questions:
- Is the upgrade mode reliable, or is it better to do a fresh install ?

Depends on how screwed up your machine is and by that I mean how much "non-standard" code do you have on the box? If you're like the vast majority of FC users, it's fine. I've gone from a RH9 to FC3 box in one shot before now.

I did have to do a completely fresh install from FC1 to FC2 due to my
system being somewhat insane and it also needed it!

I agree with that too. The upgrade generally works, and it should do fine for any system that has been running pretty ok.

The biggest headache is when you've got lots of customized configuration and locally compiled/installed programs.

If not, then:
-  Is there an easy way to backup setting files (/etc, ...) ?

I'd make a copy of /home/<usernames> just incase. Everything else should be fine.

Don't forget your mailbox too in /var/spool/mail :) A few times I asked to reformat my /var (when I chose to re-install) and forgot about my INBOX :)

OK, Thanks for your answers, I am going for the update then.
To be sure not to loose anything, is there any "quick system backup" tool for configuration files around ?


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