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No dual boot for FC4! Photo management software suggestion please

For my upcomming installation of FC4 I finally convinced the better
half that we do not need dual boot. That is, of course, If I can find
a replacemnet for the LAST bit of windows software that we use:

We need a photo management program that lets us store names of places/
people as IPTC data in the photo itself. The program would let us
add/edit this data and search based upon it.

I looked at Mapivi but had many problems installing it. I had also
tried to run BrilliantPhoto in wine with no success.

I'm open to all types of suggestions. Although I would prefer Open
Source software, I'm willing to look at anything including commercial
software and even software designed for other OS's that I can run in
wine or by some other method. Right now I have no solution other than
a dual-boot machine.


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