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Re: Preparing my system for upgrade to FC4

On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 05:39:40PM +0800, Lai Zit Seng wrote:
> I agree with that too. The upgrade generally works, and it should do 
> fine for any system that has been running pretty ok.
> The biggest headache is when you've got lots of customized configuration 
> and locally compiled/installed programs.

While I agree with what everyone else is saying, I want to add that in my
experience, it's much, much faster to do a clean install than an upgrade.

So, if you've configured your system so that when you install you can
leave /home untouched and can easily restore configuration data -- and hey,
you want to have that backed up anyway -- a clean install is nice.

> Don't forget your mailbox too in /var/spool/mail :) A few times I asked 
> to reformat my /var (when I chose to re-install) and forgot about my 
> INBOX :)

This is why I deliver directly into ~/Mail on my own systems. (Not
necessarily ideal for a big mail server, but that's not what I've got,

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