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Re: irq?

i have tried a number of linux distros, all of which set the irq for my RPTI
EP401 ethernet card to 3, and all of which do very strange things when i try
to use the network card for both my home network and the internet. the only
distro that i have found that works is simplyMepis, which sets the irq to 7.
since mepis is a debian based system, and since i want access to the wide
range of rpm packages, it would be nice to get fedora core 4 up and running
on my laptop. which is why i asked about changing the irq.

anyway, as far as i can tell it is ISA.
so, how do i go about setting the parameter at module load time?

regards - kevin

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> Am Mo, den 13.06.2005 schrieb Kevin Turner um 19:43:
> > how do i go about changing the interupt request (irq) from 3 to 7 for
> my
> > pcmcia network card?
> >
> > regards - kevin
> If it is ISA, then by setting a parameter at module load time. If you
> have PCI (cardbus) then you can't as resource management is the job of
> PCI itself.
> Alexander
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