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Re: Bittorrent instructions / procedures etc.

There is a front end for it, though people on the list have already posted their methods of using the command console. I had issues getting the front end to work nicely myself, so I just went to an all-java based route: azureus.
pretty nice little system, all gui based, intuitive. Good luck-

On 6/13/05, Tim Holmes <tholmes mcaschool net> wrote:
Hi folks:

Noting the new FC4 release today, it looks to me like a good chance to
play with bittorrent a little bit, so I want to set it up and get it
working -- I just happen to have a spare (testing) fc3 box that's not
doing much right now that would be ideal to play with it on.

I went to www.bittorrent.com, and read through their FAQ etc, and in
general I understand the concept of how the bittorrent works, and what I
need to do to open my firewall etc for it.

I downloaded the RPM of the client, and then executed the RPM -Uvh
BitTorrent.blah.blah.blah.rpm to install it, the install went smoothly
and left me looking for what to do next.

I cannot seem to find how to proceede from here.  I went to the FC4
torrent and tried clicking on the link for it, and promptly got a
webserver error -- I think it was 404.  I also cannot seem to find the
GUI for it (is there supposed to be one?)

I would like to use this technology, but I am finding the documentation
to be a little bit too sketchy for easy use, could someone please point
me in the right direction?



Tim Holmes

IT Manager / Webmaster
Medina Christian Academy
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