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Re: Bittorrent instructions / procedures etc.

Am Mo, den 13.06.2005 schrieb Tim Holmes um 21:51:

> Noting the new FC4 release today, it looks to me like a good chance to
> play with bittorrent a little bit, so I want to set it up and get it
> working -- I just happen to have a spare (testing) fc3 box that's not
> doing much right now that would be ideal to play with it on.
> I went to www.bittorrent.com, and read through their FAQ etc, and in
> general I understand the concept of how the bittorrent works, and what I
> need to do to open my firewall etc for it. 
> I downloaded the RPM of the client, and then executed the RPM -Uvh
> BitTorrent.blah.blah.blah.rpm to install it, the install went smoothly
> and left me looking for what to do next.

Why that?

> I cannot seem to find how to proceede from here.  I went to the FC4
> torrent and tried clicking on the link for it, and promptly got a
> webserver error -- I think it was 404.  I also cannot seem to find the
> GUI for it (is there supposed to be one?)


yum install bittorrent-gui bittorrent

These are available through Fedora Extras. After their install you then
are able to use your browser to point to the torrent link and in the
following popup choose to use bittorrent for that source. You then will
be asked where to save the content. During the torrent download/upload
you will have a small tool's window showing you transfer speeds and
little more.


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