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Re: How to check FC4.iso with sha1sum?

Jan Visser wrote:
Leopoldo Olmos wrote:

How to check de stentz-dvd-XXXX.iso with sha1sum?

Leopoldo Olmos

According to http://fedora.redhat.com/download :

After downloading the ISO images, check the SHA1 checksums for the ISO images to ensure that your download was successful. Do this by running the sha1sum program from a shell prompt against your ISO images and comparing the values returned against the ones published by Red Hat. The file from Red Hat containing the official sha1sum values is called SHA1SUM and is located in the same directory as the ISO images on the FTP site.

The following illustrates the correct syntax for the sha1sum command:
sha1sum <isofilename>

In the above command, replace <isofilename> with the correct file name.

Yes, but if you have the SHA1SUM file, then you should invoke it as:

sha1sum -c SHA1SUM

and it will check every file listed in the SHA1SUM file for a good signature.

It will also tell you which files are "missing" from the current directory as well, but that's not a problem if you didn'w download them and aren't planning to burn them.

If the SHA1 sums match, burn the ISO images to CD-Rs or CD-RWs. Note: writing the ISOs to CD requires a program such as cdrecord. If you want to perform a hard drive installation instead, copy the ISO image files to a location on the hard drive that will not be reformated for Fedora Core.

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
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