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Re: FC4 Torrent Slow? Or, is it just me?

Kam Leo wrote:
On 6/13/05, Jan Visser <jan visser tiscali nl> wrote:

Kenneth Porter wrote:

--On Monday, June 13, 2005 2:44 PM -0400 Kurt Hansen
<khansen charityweb net> wrote:

I'm trying to download the iso's for FC4, but they are coming down
awfully slowly.

Can others reach your listening ports? Check that your firewall allows
the connection and, you're behind a NAT router, that the ports get
forwarded to your host.

If others can't reach your listening ports, then the only traffic you
get is from peers you've connected to, which will artificially limit the
size of the swarm you can reach. (Some other peers will be behind NAT
routers that you can't reach, because they didn't' forward ports, and
those sources will be unavailable to you unless they contact you first.)

Well mine is not fast either. My share ratio is 1.80 so that shouldn't be any problem. Anyway tommorow will be a nice day :D

I was getting the same speeds you are experiencing until I changed
from Bittorrent to Azureus and checked the Azureus FAQ regarding the
yellow status icon. Found that I need to change the UPnP setting on my
router. If you are using a router with NAT enabled make sure that UPnP
is enabled.  Instead of 6-20 kB/sec I am now observing 200-220 kB/sec.

I am using Azureus, and that port is open. So thats not it. Anyway it's up to 70 kb/s and my max is 80 so that's good.

ETA 8h 36m

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