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Re: RAID Recovery

Am Mo, den 13.06.2005 schrieb Jason Hoffert um 22:40:


> I had setup software RAID on my Fedora Core 3 box with 3 RAID1
> partition sets. Well, one of my SCSI drives failed. I have now
> replaced the HD, and the server is up but how do I rebuild the arrays?
> I’ve looked into raidtools and it seems with raidhotadd it would be
> easy, but that’s not part of Fedora. Is there any quick and easy
> command using mdadm that will repartition the new drive and re-create
> my arrays? Can I just install raidtools and run their utilities
> without damaging my partitions?

You do not the deprecated tools. "mdadm" can do the same.



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