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Re: FC3 up2date

Am Di, den 14.06.2005 schrieb Steve & Julie Croteau um 0:09:

> I just installed FC3 a few days ago and used up2date to bring in the updates.  
> The system was fully 'up to date' until today when I noticed there were 7 
> updates available.  When I attempted to update the system I received the 
> message saying that my computer was already fully updated, yet the update 
> notification icon remains a red exclamation mark and says there are still 7 
> updates available.  What's going on??
> Steve

This question concerning up2date and the RHN notification applet 
disharmony comes up frequently. From given information I can't be
specific, as I don't know which repositories you did set up and how you
use them - static entries or dynamic mirror selection -, but typically
such a difference in reports come from different mirrors being asked
which do not have the same state (one has update the other does not have
so far).


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